11 August 2010

Chapter 146: Our 1st Anniversary

"Ring! Ring!"

Hand searching the phone in the dark, approaching towards the ringing sound. Once grabbed the phone, I looked at the time. It was 6AM in the morning. Hmm...

That day was 10 August 2010 - our first anniversary (Amanda and me)

Time flies too fast! What do you do for these few months? Have you done anything which is worth doing in life? Without hesitation, I got up on the bed, brushing teeth and preparing to find my dear.

Few days ago, when I was hugging her from back. She asked me, "Dear, what are we going to do on that day?" Slowly, I took out the tickets and she viewed it, saying, "To Manukan Island?"

Yeah! To Manukan Island. Most of the couples may go out doing romantic stuffs in city such as movies, dinner, shopping. This time, I wanna be one of those romantic people trying their anniversary on the beach.

At 7:30AM, m dear was waiting for me at her house. She was so excited running towards my car. Hopping into the car, I immediately said to her, "Now let us enjoy our breakfast in McDonald's. She was overjoyed.

At 8:30AM, we went to take ferry at Jesselton Point. There were so many tourists such as Koreans, Westerners, Eurasians... I felt that we were also one of the tourists in that crowd. Many people were queuing to enter the jet boat.

Regarding to this wonderful trip, I would like to give special thanks to our tour guide, George Wong. Though he was not there with us, he arranged everything nicely and in order. Hence, we would not waste any seconds when we reached the island.

First, we went to try Undersea walking. My dear was extremely excited. She will really happy when she entered into the undersea to watch the real live marine swimming around her.

Then we tried the parasailing. That was so awesome! We went into the air and we felt the breeze and viewed the entire Sutera Harbour and other islands. Of course at the same time, we were splashing on water. That was lots of laughters! To speak the truth, I will try parasailing again!

After those activities, the time was around 3PM. We could feel that we were exhausted. However, I could see the smile on her face. That was what I made this anniversary trip for. In the end, I bought her a beautiful hat, and she loves it! We did went to take some pictures before we left. However, what surprised us was the people speaking Korean to us. I guess maybe because of my dear, she was wearing the hat which made people misunderstood that we were the Koreans.

Alright, it was 4PM - time to go back home. My dear missed this wonderful moments. And I was right about one thing. Life is worth having memories of fun.

08 August 2010

Chapter 145: Special Intention

Two days ago, I went to Keningau to shoot video for wedding. The bride is a Kadazan, and the groom is a Chinese. George followed me to gain experience real photography session. Along our way, we enjoyed lots of conversation and laughter.

When we reached there, we unpacked our things in Queen Hotel. We then received a call from the bride. She said we needed to be there to shoot video at 4PM. She sounded so excited. Of course at that same time, we took a short nap to restore our strength and energy.

At 4PM, we heard a phone call. "Jack, are you ready? I am coming to fetch you now."

We headed to Hotel Juta and followed the bride to the room. As we prepared our equipments, and the bride was preparing for a makeup, where was the bridegroom? When the door was opened, I was surprised to see the bridgegroom was in the room waiting for the bride. I was thinking, "So is this how you celebrate your wedding by waiting your bride in the room?"

As I was shooting video during the makeup, the bridegroom was sleeping on the bed. I felt weird, thinking, "He is not serious about his wedding, as if he just wanna marry for the sake of marriage."

After the makeup, we headed to the kampung where all the people were waiting to celebrate the wedding. I was quite amazed by the groom. He brought a live band to sing on that night. With all amplifiers and sound systems, microphones, msical instruments... Wow! This could be a some big amount of money.

I was finding pretty interesting because the two different races learning each other's culture. On one side of the dinner, it was Halal; on the other side, it was not Halal. On one side of the banquet, it was the Chinese culture. On the other side of it, there were many "Da Bai" (Kadazan original rice wine) placing where all the people could enjoy. Each of the "Da Bai" had a straw, everyone shared the straw together regardless of Chinese or Kadazan. Whether it was hygienic, there was the culture of Kadazan.

When I was shooting video on "Yam Seng", I heard many Kadazans asking the meaning of "Yam Seng". Many Chinese and Kadazan were there, enjoying the atmosphere, dancing, talking, sharing, I began to learn the culture more.

However, what troubled in my heart is the bridegroom. He left his bride aside and enjoyed the drinking with his Chinese friends. Normally, I shot a wedding video, the wedding couple would always stay together to entertain their friends. At that time, George came to me and ask whether we could have dinner. I understood he was extremely hungry. Hence, I made sure every highlight was shot before we went for dinner.

When we were having our dinner, George accidentally heard something when the groom was talking among the Chinese. He whispered, "Jack, guess what? The bridegroom has an intention in marrying a Kadazan. They were talking about using the Bumiputra to buy a cheaper and start something in dark. I even heard that the groom said, 'Now I had married her, we could start our plan as soon as possible.'"

I was shocked when I heard this. No wonder he always left his bride alone in the wedding. The bride just sat there and eat alone, as we also could see her smile on her face. I was thinking maybe she was really satisfied in this situation and marrying a guy like this.

I was more astonished when I heard one of the groom's friends asking him, "Hey! Did your "BIG ONE" knows about this?"

The groom answered, "Of course not! If she knows about this, I will be living in a suffering life. I am a smart man. Of course I will not let her know about this marriage."

Proverbs 6:32
"But a man who commits adultery lacks judgment; whoever does so destroys himself."